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Vintage cars itself are already a huge eye-catcher, but they look even better with white sidewall tyres . You feel taken a back to the good, old times. Getting a hand on such tyres is not really easy nowadays. is your online shop for white sidewall tyres – for everyone, who won't even consider a white wall ring on their car. Also painting the sides of the tyres is not an option for many owners of vintage cars, albeit the traffic regulations at least allow it. Classy is something else...Back then white side wall tyres were normal, as white is the color of natural rubber, which was used without any additives for the production of car tyres. Nowadays the very few left manufacturers of white sidewall tyres only use the white for better visibility on the flank. Also the prices show, that white sidewall tyres have become an absolute rarity. Most of them are high quality tyres with cured-on white stripes. You can save a lot of money with the offers at Just choose the desired vehicle or tyre size and we show you all available white sidewall tyres. If desired, one of our installation partners, which are available all over Germany, will take care of the tyre fitting afterwards.

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